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Repair Services

For over 50 years, Superior Electric has provided first class industrial repair services to our customers. We repair all types of A.C. /D.C. Motors, Controls, Pumps, and Power Transmission Components.

We can repair any motor to manufacturer’s specifications, providing you with a full warranty and peace of mind.

We have full machine shop capabilities, including dynamic balancing. We can help you design any part you may need in your plant, and we can build and machine it for you.

AC Induction Motors

Squirrel Cage, Wound Rotor, Synchronous, Slip Ring

DC Motors

Series, Shunt, Compound, Elevator M-G Sets, Permanent Magnet

Explosion Proof Motors

Pump Motors

Vertical, Horizontal


Submersible, Mixer, Split Case, Chopper and more…

Gear Reducers

Worm Gear, Internal Gear, Cast Iron, Bronze and more…

Machine Shop

Lathe Machining, Welding, Turn and Undercutting Armatures, New Shaft Fabrication, Dynamic Balancing, Key Way Cutting, Grinding